We represent an international manufacturer of modular, transportable and advanced technology “Heat Only” and “Combined Heat and Power” Waste to Energy Systems- AgriPower based in the United States of America. The Systems can use Biomass (wood, paper, cardboard, and agricultural and forest waste) and a wide variety of other municipal solid waste materials, including most types of plastic, as fuel to cleanly generate on-grid and off-grid electric power (from 100 kW to more than 10 MW gross in multiples of units) and heat energy (hot water, steam and heated air). When used with additional optional equipment, the Systems can use unsorted Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) as fuel. The slug from municipal liquid waste is not left out in this very unique technology.

1 Products – Equipment and Supplies – Pharmaceutical Equipment , Equipment spare parts, accessories of specialized machines and other medical, hygiene and Environmental equipment. equipment. 2: Services to include maintenance of specialized equipment , installation of specialized equipment for health, hygiene and Environment.

Prefabrication, modularity, skid mounting, ease of transport and rapid set-up, installation, dismantling and short redeployment times are significant benefits of the System.