Brooms, Brushes, Handles

Brooms, Brushes, Handles
The first step to a clean environment is having the right tools for the job. That’s why at Pro-Hygienitech we take great care in selecting a wide range of Brooms, Brushes and Handles to satisfy your requirement for the neatness and cleanliness of multiple surfacesDust Pans

Floor Squeegees

Product Suggestions
Aluminum Pole with Cone, 2′ Long
Angle Broom, O’Cedar MaxiPlus
Angle Cut Upright Broom (Duo Sweep)
Car & Truck Wash Brush
Car & Truck Wash Brush (Dual Surface)
Corn Brooms (Medium & Heavy Duty)
Counter Brush
Deck Scrub Brush with Wood Block
Handheld Grout Line Brush
Heavy Duty Grout Brush “Swivel Scrub”
Lobby Broom
Lobby Dust Pan with Broom
Metal Tip Broom Handle
Milwaukee Heavy Duty Steel Broom Handle
Milwaukee Wood & Steel Broom Handles
Poly-Tampico Push Brooms (18 & 24 in.)

Push Broom – Fine Bristle
Push Broom – Heavy Duty Palmyra Fiber
Push Broom – Heavy Duty Stiff Bristle
Push Broom – Medium Duty
Push Broom – Medium Duty Polypropylene
Push Broom – Medium Duty Tampico (18 in.)
Push Broom – Stiff Polypropylene (18″-36″)
Push Broom – Tampico Fiber (18″ – 36″)
Push Broom – Ultra Fine Flagged Polypropylene
Scrub Brush with Poly Bristles (hand scrub)
Scrubbing Brush – Tile & Grout Brush
Street Broom – Heavy Duty
Sweeping Compound (oil base)
Tapered Wood Handles
Threaded Wood Handles
Tile & Grout Cleaning Brush (rectangle)
Tile & Grout Cleaning Brush (swivel)
Utility Brush – Long Handle
Utility Brush – Short Handle