Our Systems. AgriPower, Inc.™ is a Delaware (U.S.) corporation established in 2004. We custom design, manufacture, install, maintain and service a wide range of unique, proprietary, modular and transportable, Waste- to-Energy “Heat Only” and “Combined Heat & Power” (“CHP”) systems (the “Systems”). AgriPower also manufactures a broad line of grinders and provides consulting and project development services including those involving anaerobic digestion units. The Systems, which contain numerous advanced technology  features and space age materials, are designed and engineered to be fueled by a wide variety of wet and dry (or mixed) customer waste materials including “Biomass” (all types of wood, wood debris, cardboard, paper, agricultural by-products, forest residuals and animal manure), with up to a 50% moisture content, and many types of plastic (see list on page 4). In addition to Biomass and plastic, the Systems, when integrated with the “MSW Sorting Unit” described below, can use Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) as fuel. Using these different types of waste as fuel, the Systems can cleanly produce low-cost, on-site, base load, hot water, heated air and steam and, with the addition of the add-on units described below, electricity and air conditioning and refrigeration (without the need for electric power). The Systems can also provide a variety of “Co-Generation” applications including water purification, making ice and low-grade heat for heating buildings and pre-heating cold water. They can also  satisfy numerous high-temperature heating needs including producing ultra-hot air for drying various materials such as paint, lumber and excessively wet fuel and bonding numerous materials. The Heat Only Systems can process, and dispose of, from 1 to 60 tons of waste per day in an environmentally-friendly manner and produce from 500,000 to 25,000,000 BTUs/hour (net) of heat energy. With the addition of a custom designed, waste heat steam boiler (the “Steam Boiler“) and a state-of-the-art, high efficiency, steam powered electric generator (the “Generator”), both of which are manufactured for AgriPower, the CHP Systems, using their heat outputs, can generate from 100 kW to 7.5 MW (gross) and from 75 kW to 7.0 MW (net) of continuous, low cost “behind the fence” electric power by combusting from 12 to 300 tons of suitable waste per day. By using these high  efficiency, high output, lower cost Generators instead of higher cost steam turbines and Organic Rankine Cycle (“ORC”) units to generate power, we can offer our CHP Systems at extremely attractive prices. The Systems  have a long history of reliable, robust and low-maintenance performance. More than 60 Heat Only Systems have been placed in commercial operation, some for more than 10 years, primarily at schools, hospitals, factories, jails and prisons, where heat, hot water and steam are in great demand and expensive to produce and where there is a continuous supply of waste that can be used as fuel instead of being trucked to a landfill at significant cost.